Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top 10 Classical Guitar Strings

Here is the list of the best guitar strings i.e. the list of the best nylon guitar string brands 

“A Classical Guitar is nothing without a good set of strings”, this is what I tell my friends when I notice some of their strings producing a dull sound and some of them often going dead. If someone has been selling you the fallacy that Classical Guitars’ strings last for a Life time, then you might as well stop talking to that person who is either ignorant or deliberately trying to undermine the beauty and the sublime sonority of the Concert Guitar. After playing with around 30 type of strings over 15 different brands, I’ve realized the real potential of a guitar string that most people seem to over-look, and consider to be personal. 

I agree, for this there is indeed room for subjective preferences. But I would still dare you to test these top 10 strings, and let me know about your experience. 

     A few things that one must consider and experiment with before getting into the serious string set trial runs:

     1. First you must own a decent guitar with which you are comfortable, and be satisfied to some extent. And your guitar should at least have a genuine solid top

     2.Your guitar has its own tension. If you use the same model & same tension of strings on different classical guitars, u will end up with different results when it comes to ‘feeling’ the string tension. While some guitars require low or normal tension, others might seem too loose or flexible and might require a high tension. Extra high tension is also available in the market, but I wouldn’t personally recommend them, unless it’s legitimate. 

  3.Know about the string materials. Experiment with different nylon strings that are made with different materials. 
The List below is a string 'brand' list. Each Brand produces different strings that vary in string tension and materials. This however is an overall brand list.

Anyways here’s the list:  

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1. Hannabach Strings  


If you want to know about the specific set of strings that don't cost much but have great value for money, then please check this article ( click below ) 

Cheap, Good and the Best Nylon Strings for the Classical Guitar


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