Friday, January 21, 2011

Manuel Rodriguez C1 Review

This is a review of

Manuel Rodriguez C1 Cedar Top Classical Guitar

Manuel Rodriguez have been making both Classical and Spanish Guitars for more than a 100 years. However, most people claim that their domain of expertise is making flamenco guitars. I personally believe that a good flamenco guitar luthier will make a good classical guitar with a lot of ease. Obviously the luthier would require a lot of experience with classical guitars,they have to spend a valuable amount of time acknowledging their preferred sound all its intricacies. Apart from making excellent Flamenco Guitars Rodriguez is also a genius when it comes to making fantastic classical guitars. In fact for a price of 300-400 Euros the the c1 guitars you get are simply in a superior league compared to most other guitar brands. The only drawback in this price range is that - one wont get solid back and sides, and quality material as well. But I've noticed the solid top, and rosewood back and sides almost on all Rodriguez Guitars to be of excellent quality. I have many students, friends who have used this c3 Classical Guitar , and most of them are actually quite satisfied.

Ok, now coming to the real deal, if you want a very good genuine solid top classical guitar that will evolve and become better, and u wish to pay the least amount of money for it, look no further, other than the Alhambra 1c you don't really have a better choice for the best cheapest solid top classical guitar. In comparison to the Rodriguez C3 there is really very little difference that one could possibly notice. Besides both of them have laminated rosewood back and sides. I wouldn't consider buying the c3 unless it's somehow sounds special and this special sounding guitars can be anywhere, you just need to be at the right place at the right time.The rosewood is of very good quality. A very reputed student model! Good tone from a good brand! These guitars are handcrafted in Madrid, Spain.

The most important thing about buying a classical guitar is not to conform to anyone’s idea, but to rely more on facts and objective evidence. Any guitar of any brand, cheap or expensive can sound terrible or weird if it gets damaged while shipping, or gets misused or is not maintained properly. Change in temperature is a huge constraint for properly maintaining classical guitars. Keep your guitar safely in a Hard-case. ( padded ones won’t do unless your guitar costs less than $500 ) Use a humidifier if you happen to live in an extremely dry area. Never expose it to direct sunlight. Keep silica gel packets in your guitar case, if u live in a very humid area. Standard relative humidity for maintaining classical guitars is around 50-60. A little fluctuation is generally not harmful. These guitars can talk and have a Life, so the way you treat them and take care of them will influence their tonal qualities.

Warning : Some Rodriguez Guitars are now made in China. They are not necessarily counterfeit, but they do not generally sound as good as the ones that are made in Spain.

Most people I know got their Rodriguez Guitar , which are all made in Spain. Hope this article was helpful to you. Thank You and Have a nice day. And Leave a question in the comments if you want :)


  1. Hi
    Do the Chinese one say Made in China? I m gonna buy a second hand one and the label inside is stamped Hand Craft in Spain and say nothing about China.
    Could you please let me know how I could make sure?

    1. If it has a genuine 'Made in Spain' logo then it's not made in china. However, even if it is made in China, it doesn't mean it's bad. Just make sure you have a genuine Manuel Rodriguez Guitar.

  2. Copenhagen 13-01-13

    2 days ago I got a genuine Rodrigues c1 model home from the lokal instrumentshop for trying it, must say it's the worst junkguitar I ever tryed, the stringaction is much too high, the frets are uneven and rough, and also the tone is no good, I can't think of a reason to buy one of these, it can not be recommented, the only thing it is good for is to hang on the wall in yout livingroom as it is good looking and shiny, and thats it.

    Have a nice day without Rodrigues c1.
    Peter J

    1. Hello Peter, Thanks for sharing your experience. It's sad to know that you encountered such a disappointing instrument. If I were you I would write an e-mail to Rodriguez with the serial number of the Guitar, in case you are interested in knowing why they made such a 'faulty' instrument. They generally do not make such guitars, perhaps the Guitar got damaged. I wish you all the best for your future, and hope you encounter good Rodriguez Guitars.